Experience Counts.


The Burmeister Gilmore LLP law firm began helping its clients nearly four decades ago. In 1975, Steve Burmeister founded his law practice on a simple principle: put clients first and help solve their legal problems.

Putting clients first means taking the time to explain all of the options so the client can make an informed decision, returning client phone calls promptly, and going the extra mile to exceed expectations. Solving legal problems means developing creative solutions, fiercely pursuing our clients’ interests, and ensuring that our work generates a great result.

By following this simple principle, Steve grew his law practice through client referrals rather than advertisements. He knew that by delivering superior results, and treating clients fairly and with respect, his clients would send their friends and family to the law firm.

To this day, our attorneys depend primarily on referrals from satisfied clients to grow our law practice. Each of these lawyers is committed to continuing the law firm’s tradition of putting clients first and helping solve their legal problems.

Nearly four decades of service
Burmeister Gilmore LLP is proud to have met the needs of our clients for nearly four decades. Our simple principle of putting clients first and helping solve their legal problems will continue to drive us in the decades to come.